Pulp molding products

Pulp molding products

The assortment of output product: 10” egg carton with flat top and multicoloured label (ЯК-10) 10” egg carton with a figured cover and multicoloured label (ЯК-10S) egg tray №20 For the best advancement of the packed egg we can offer: A bright multi-colour label Packing colouring in any colour by the colorants, authorized by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation to application in manufacture of packaging for foodstuff The informative printing inside of the flat cover. On July, 13th, 2007 «Okulovka paper mill» LTD opened the modern automated workshop for 30 cell egg trays production. This event created a greater variety of products and initiated the development of a new direction of production, namely a pulp molding production. For the purpose of packaged supplies to our target buyers (poultry farms and trade enterprises) the new line for 10 egg cartons production was put into operation in December, 2008. New products for our company are claimed at the packaging market. Pulp molding products provide the maximum protection of eggs against damages throughout all way of transportation from the manufacturer to the consumer, egg perfectly feels in paper packing: "breathes", keeps taste and freshness. Due to the advantaged geographical location: in the Novgorod region, between St.-Petersburg and Moscow, our mill is focused on sales market development of Northwest and Central regions where all leading poultry farms of Russia are located. We are proud of our cooperation with one of the advanced poultry farm of ZAO "Roskar", our package met his most exacting requirements and allowed to replace products of foreign manufacturers partially. Our main priority in work is providing a high-quality competitive products to Russian manufacturer. Presence of a modern laboratory on the paper mill allows to guarantee the products quality control on-line to our consumers. Having excellent mechanical properties, including a good separating abilities, accuracy of the sizes and clearness of the forms, promoting use of products at automatic lines for egg sorting, our packaging has good aesthetic characteristics. The design of packaging meets the necessary requirements: it is bright and recognised, it attracts attention and stimulates the best sales. We supply qualified, ecological product to our customers and we are grateful to our valued customers and partners for their choice of our production and possibility to grow and develop together!

Purchases of the company

Wastepaper, mark МС - 5Б, GOST 10700-97

Wastepaper, mark МС – 8Б, GOST 10700-97

Cationic starch
— degree of substitution 0,045
— package of 1000kg (big bag on the pallet)

Cardboard cores of different formats
— internal diameter of 100mm
— wall thickness of 9.5mm
Cores should meet the maximum width of roll material with limit deviation + 2mm.

Polypropylene strap band of 12 x 0,5mm
— breaking load is no less than 145 kg/c

Band for joining
— two-sides, convertible 60mm x 100mm
— article 6152 Tesafix or corresponding analogue

Band for joining
— one-side, convertible 25mm x 50mm
— article 4313 Tesafix or corresponding analogue

Clear scotch
— tape of 38mm/60m/40
— deviation across the width is no more than 2mm