GSM 125+-6 140+-8
Thickness ,mm
180-240 230-290
kilopaskal (kgf/сm2)
410 440
Surface water absorbability (on the average on two sides) on Kobb(absorption) ,г 35 35
BFolding endurance (number of double fold) at loading 1300gr in cross direction no less than 100
RCT in the cross direction at width of the strip 12.7mm,N(kgf) no less than 140 160
Moisture,% 8+-2 8+-2

Purchases of the company

Wastepaper, mark МС - 5Б, GOST 10700-97

Wastepaper, mark МС – 8Б, GOST 10700-97

Cationic starch
— degree of substitution 0,045
— package of 1000kg (big bag on the pallet)

Cardboard cores of different formats
— internal diameter of 100mm
— wall thickness of 9.5mm
Cores should meet the maximum width of roll material with limit deviation + 2mm.

Polypropylene strap band of 12 x 0,5mm
— breaking load is no less than 145 kg/c

Band for joining
— two-sides, convertible 60mm x 100mm
— article 6152 Tesafix or corresponding analogue

Band for joining
— one-side, convertible 25mm x 50mm
— article 4313 Tesafix or corresponding analogue

Clear scotch
— tape of 38mm/60m/40
— deviation across the width is no more than 2mm